Unequally Yoked

Valerie Chase has been single for 14 years and has no plans to change her status. She loves her church, African Missionary Baptist Church and works in different ministries with a smile. She has built a satisfying life around her family and her church.
Oscar Bradford has been single for thirty years and was of two minds. He wanted to marry Valerie part of the time and did not want to marry her the other part of the time.
After years of dating each other and dating other single people. Oscar and Valerie married. Valerie believed that the Lord led her to marry Oscar. Oscar was in dire need of a place to live.
Valerie decided she could accept Oscar as he was with all of his odd behaviors. But after living alone for thirty years Oscar found it extremely hard to accept Valerie and her way of doing things.
Along with a new husband, Valerie found that her mother, whom she loves dearly, was having problems with her memory.