Conflict of Emotions

Conflict of Emotions, by Geraldine McCall, is the story of a woman who pays too high a price for love. At first glance, Janice and Christopher Blunt seem to have the ideal marriage, in fact, Janice's love for Chris is so strong that she foregoes the pursuit of a higher education to marry him. They have three beautiful children, a home, and a great deal of happiness - or so it seems.

As the years pass, Janice notices a change in Chris, but tries to smooth over any disagreements in the hopes that their love will remain strong. Because Janice's belief in the sanctity of marriage and the commitment it entails is so string, she refuses to face reality and see Chris for what he really is: a liar and an adulterer who has repeatedly taken advantage of his wife's trusting nature.

The true conflict of emotions comes when Janice has no choice but to face the truth about her husband. The enormity of the decision she must make - a decision affecting every facet of her life - threatens to render her helpless, causing her great mental and physical anguish. Janice's choice - and the grace and dignity with which she carries it out - will serve as an inspiration to all those forced to choose between their belief in the sacred union of marriage and their own personal happiness.